Students following this curriculum should consult with the Respiratory Care Advisor at the beginning of their college program.  Students must make application for admission into the professional curriculum.  A minimum 2.5 overall GPA is required, with a grade of "C" or better on each course. The first two years must include the following courses:


ENGLISH (6 hours)                                      

ENGL 101 Composition                                       

ENGL 102 Critical Reading & Writing                    


COMS 130 Speaker-Audience Communication or

JOUR 150 Stand and Deliver or

THR 120 Public Speaking as Performance            

MATH (6 hours)

MATH 101 College Algebra                                  

MATH 365 Elementary Statistics                           

BIOLOGY (9-15 hours)

BIOL 240 Human Anatomy (lab preferred)             

BIOL 246 Human Physiology (lab preferred)          

BIOL 200 Basic Microbiology (lab preferred)         

CHEMISTRY (5 hours)

CHEM 110/125 Introductory Chemistry                  

PHYSICS (3-4 hours)

PHSX 111 Introductory Physics (lab preferred)                    

HUMANITIES (6 hours)

Goal 4.2 Course (HWC 204 preferred)                   

PHIL 140 Intro to Philosophy                                


PSYC 104 General Psychology                            

Goal 4.1 Course (SOC 104 preferred)                   

ELECTIVES (5-12 hours)



HEIM 230 Medical Terminology                            


*A third English course (ENGL 203,359,360, or 362) is recommended to fulfill one of the elective courses.  In addition, students are encouraged to select elective courses including biological sciences, behavioral sciences, math or quantitative sciences, which help prepare for respiratory care.

* Note: If a student has only a single but combined Anatomy and Physiology (A and P) course, the student will need a second course that is either Physiology or a second (higher level) A and P course.

*Upon completion of the prerequisites for KU Core, students will have acquired 44 credit hours.  The respiratory care program will provide an additional 67, for a total of 111 credit hours. To earn a degree from KU, 120 total credit hours must be acquired, and can be fulfilled with any elective course(s). 


If you are looking for a Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Care program outside of KU's program, the Commission on Accreditation for Respirator Care website can be very helpful. Searches can be conducted to find programs throughout the United States. More information found here. For requirements for individual programs, check the college/university website.

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