A bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university is required for admission to the Doctor of Physical Therapy program.  The degree must be completed by June 1 prior to entry into the summer physical therapy class.  The degree can be in any field:  however, coursework MUST include, either as part of the degree requirements or in addition to the requirements, the following prerequisites.   Suggested KU courses are listed under/next to the general category:

HUMANITIES (6 hours)

English Composition

ENGL 101 & 102                                


General Psychology

PSYC 104                                                   

Upper-level Psychology (one of the following)*

PSYC 318/333/350/360/370/380*                   


Biology with Lab

BIOL 100/102 OR BIOL 150 &

BIOL 200/203                                                2 courses

Chemistry with Lab

CHEM 130/184 & 135/188                              2 courses

General Physics with Lab

PHSX 114 & 115                                           2 courses

Anatomy with Lab

BIOL 240 & 241                                             1 course

Physiology (mammalian or human)

 with Lab

BIOL 246 & 247                                             1 course



MATH 365 OR HSES 310 OR PSYC 210        1 course

One of the following options:                        1/2 courses

College algebra AND trigonometry: MATH 101 & 103

OR Precalculus: MATH 104

OR Calculus: MATH 115


Kinesiology: HSES 369                                 1 course

Exercise Physiology: HSES 472                    1 course

Ethics: PHIL 160                                           1 course


*PSYC 350: Abnormal Psychology is preferred.

Note:  Prerequisite courses must be taken for a grade or competency exemption. 

If you are looking for a Doctor of Physical Therapy program outside of KU's DPT program, the American Physical Therapy Association website can be very helpful. Searches can be conducted to find programs throughout the country and internationally. More information found here. For requirements for individual programs, check the college/university website.

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